Excuse me while I scrub off the rust,

hunt for words that have long seeped from my active vocabulary to my passive, and relearn how to write for an audience–if indeed I will have one. My prior attempt at blogging, during my 2006 New York City Summer in which I foolishly hoped to follow in James Boswell’s London footsteps (minus the mistresses and gonorrhea), met a fate similar to that of an opened, disregarded soda. I am optimistic that this time will be different, that I will write aplenty, because:

1) For now, I am back to a student without a job (though looking for one!), which means I am once again in dire need of meaningful means of procrastination;
2) the long-forgotten part of my brain that guards my verbal creativity has finally delivered an ultimatum;
3) Shanghai is fascinating, bewildering, horrific, and thus inspiring; and
4) until I figure out how to regain access to Facebook, most people who want to know what I’m up to without resorting to the formality of electronic mail will have to visit me here. And, yes, here, in what seems like China’s version of myspace, coz I can’t access anything else. (At least there is the promise of at least one reader, the Chinese with the power to block my page if I happen to write anything mildly volatile.)

Trying to develop my writing in English while studying Chinese in an immersion environment is going to be interesting. I’ve been here for just two weeks and have already caught myself thinking in Mandarin every now and then (还可以 is such a delectable phrase), probably just because I am forced to communicate in the language wherever I go. I lost my Chinese while learning English as a child, and now fear the return of subtractive bilingualism, or some permutation of it, all loathsome creatures. In any case, this is one more reason I need to keep this blog–my English degree cost my parents too much.

I know my efforts at humour/wit often come out a mixture of cheese and corn, but please bear with me. Comments–both positive and constructively negative–are always welcome, though as a creep who likes to read blogs without leaving a trace, I will understand if you do the same.


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  1. adam

    wow, this is great.

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