I know I’ve been neglecting this blogging business for over a month now, and every day it gets easier to be like meh, there’s always tomorrow, plus no one’ll really notice.

But recent acquisition of fairly reliable access to sites like wordpress (facebook is still iffy) has again sparked that ephemeral inspiration/motivation that I’m now trying hold on to by making something of it. So I’ve crawled back to my desk, registered on wordpress, and am now consuming spoonful after spoonful of sweetened condensed milk (now in a handy squeezy bottle):


Only a matter of time before I abandon the spoon in a fit of barbarism.

Speaking of food packaging, it irks me no end that despite China’s very giant, very pressing trash (and in turn landfill and incinerator) problem, great care is yet taken by companies to keep our trash cans overflowing with superfluity:


It's like asking if someone would like their gift-wrap wrapped.



Snap-open disposable spoon? Are we meant to consume 450g tubs of yogurt on the go?

Unfortunately, I did spot a young woman on the street the other night eating from one of these tubs, digging with the tiny plastic spoon in a most nonchalant manner. So perhaps there is a market for them–but they could still at least ditch the plastic wrapper, dammit. I just know that our collection of neatly wrapped spoons will soon overtake our metal cutlery set, and that makes me (and Mother Earth) unhappy.



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3 responses to “Back.

  1. <3. I can leave comments now because I can read what the links say!! xD

    Remember the days when everyone quoted "There is no spoon."? Just remember that (can be applied on all levels possible).

  2. Oh so that was you commenting on the other blog! :) yay.

    And haha I don’t remember a “there is no spoon” fad… maybe coz I watched the Matrix like 5 years after everyone else did -__-

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