Any time is a good time, for some

I understand that work needs to be done, but the Expo can go, uh, do horrible things to itself if it means we have to be woken up at seven (this morning at 6:57!?!) every day by workers outside my bedroom window or heavy thumping noises above and below our sleepy heads. There is also this on-and-off sweeping of the (apparently thin) roof that, as Sean aptly put it, sounds like “they’re sweeping on my face.”

Maybe they reason that because our compound is made up of about 90% elderly, the average household here should be up, with a pot of congee in the making, by 7 in the morning. That would explain why the mysterious things that happen on the roof end before dinnertime (my dinnertime = their teeth brushing time), and not into the dark of night as I had initially feared. That doesn’t explain why last night at 10pm for about half an hour, we heard the grunts and belches of a backhoe seemingly next to our building, no doubt scooping pieces of our neighbors’ lives into a soulless truck.

But we must always find a bright side to every situation. If this persists daily for the next two months, I’m going to be getting up on time every morning (my first alarm is set for 7am anyway) and be motivated to spend more time outside the apartment. Rent is due in a couple days, and Mom has suggested that I ask for a discount for the coming 3 months. We’ll see how that goes.

OK, literally as I write this, it sounds like someone is taking a giant hammer to the walls of our building.

Stay tuned for heart-rending images of rampant destruction, if we survive the morning…


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