My schooling was my education

Lately I’ve come to think that I really need to go back to school. Not language classes type of school, but school that involves knowledge acquisition and critical thinking and problem solving and activities that make me feel smart… coz I am feeling rather stupid these days. We’re treated like school children in class*, and my mental energies are channeled toward figuring out how to navigate the simplest things in daily life. I miss college, when non-stop learning was something I could take for granted. My mind now is stagnant and I’m falling behind.

*We learned and sang the Chinese version of Frere Jacques just the other week.



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3 responses to “My schooling was my education

  1. Iris

    You don’t need classes! I feel like I have been getting a lot more out of books, magazines, and blogs than I did from school.

    I feel you on getting stupid though. I just started taking fish oils and playing “brain challenge” games haha.

  2. adam

    ive been thinking the same thing. i want to be a professor like iris. i’m debating going to grad school.

  3. adam

    oh,and for books, i highly recommend superfreakonomics. i read it on the plane and it was good.

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