Peanut butter cups

Having succeeded in making to-die-for peanut butter cups in Philly last year, Sean and I had long wanted to have another go at it in Shanghai, where Reese’s are few and far between (thanks, Iris, for the family packs over CNY!). For months, though, we were deterred by the cost of chocolate chips (50-60rmb for one of those 11oz packs), so imagine my delight when I found them ON SALE—at the Hershey store, of all places. (It still wasn’t exactly cheap, though… sigh.)

Most of these pictures courtesy of Sean.

It’s super fun and easy, if you manage not to gobble up all the yummy ingredients along the way. For anyone who wants to try, I recommend this recipe with a few modifications suggested by reviewers. We made the following changes, mostly due to regional constraints:
1) Replaced confectioner’s sugar with granulated sugar (not recommended)
2) Replaced muffin cups with lightly greased larger plastic dishes (foil muffin cups are ideal)
3) Added cookie crumbs (graham crackers are ideal)
4) Added an actual cookie (because the dish was so huge—this changes the texture considerably)

I also recommend semi-sweet chocolate chips, for anyone living somewhere with non-bank-breaking chocolate-chip options.

Any way you do it, though, it’s bound to come out delicious. No cooking, no baking—it’s really just a coming together of some foolproof ingredients.



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3 responses to “Peanut butter cups

  1. Iris

    Nice! Btw I like the lighting in those photos.

  2. wooffs

    We don’t have an oven! :( Have you tried it?

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