finding my feet, or my slippers, or somesuch

So… after another period of prolonged hibernation, my crippled excuse for a blog has shamefacedly made its way back to its old and ugly wordpress home, which appears to be no longer blocked. A thoroughly non-prolific year at the now defunct, along with blockage of the site in China starting late October 2010 for no explicable reason, dissolved any remnants of motivation I had to keep this thing alive.

But now, prompted by a sudden, almost desperately primal need to revive old passions (which has already led to the purchase of a digital piano, although that decision was largely motivated by boredom and an unwanted addiction to Transport Tycoon) I’ve decided to reboot this once again in order to funnel myself back into writing. This time, as Sean suggested, I am writing primarily for myself, which will cut down on time and energy editing for an audience and thereby lead to me writing faster and more… ideally. Why online and not in a private journal? I can’t keep myself accountable to a journal anymore, unfortunately. The Word file that was created intended as a journal is now unofficially dedicated to explosive vent sessions and, on the flip side, the occasional gush of unusually pleasant feelings, rather than a space to record my life, which I have somehow deemed no longer noteworthy.

Anyway, I’m planning for this space to become a place where I write about food, the most constant of my passions. I realize there are innumerable “foodie” blogs around and I feel a little foolish to be even considering adding my pitiful (pitiable? piteous? this is what happens when you stop writing for a year) few cents to the already saturated pool. But there does seem to be a lack (though maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough) of resources dealing with meatless cooking in China, and that—along with other food issues and discoveries—is what I want to focus on.


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