Recreate: the egg and cheese

I’ve been a fan of McDonald’s sausage and egg mcmuffin for as long as I can remember, but my discovery of the much superior breakfast hoagie began with the $2.50 sausage and egg from Bui’s food truck at Penn. Bui’s sandwiches were known by many as the hangover cure, but for me it was the cure for just about any type of physical or emotional ailment.

When I started working at a center city office after graduation I moved on to egg and cheeses (with pepper and ketchup, please), partly ’cause it was minimally cheaper and partly due to my unfounded belief that cheese was healthier than sausage. Philly is known for having one of the highest obesity rates in the US, and I was getting ready to join the stats.

But then I left. When I went back to Philly for two days last November, I made sure to stop at the center city cart to grab one (although I hate the lady who owns it, but that’s another story). There it is in all its soft and chewy, sweet and salty glory:

And then I came back to Shanghai. And it took until yesterday, when I was at City Shop buying a baguette, mixed greens, and brie for lunch, for me to realize that I COULD MAKE THIS MYSELF! I’d been caught up by the fact that hoagie rolls don’t exist here (that I know of), but baguettes were just as good, if not better.

So this morning I recreated the egg and cheese using brie and leftover baguette, whipping the egg with a bit of milk and toasting the bread on the pan next to the frying egg. I don’t even know how to describe how satisfying it was, so here’s a picture. (I will get better with food descriptions, I promise!)

I can’t make this a habit though :(


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