Weekend getaway II: Quesadillas

Sean has a break on Sunday afternoons so he usually comes home for lunch. He bought some cheddar cheese on his way back last Sunday and we made quesadillas using leftover chili. I’d been craving a quesadilla since the New York Times did a column on it.

Wanting to make this as healthy as possible, we were careful with the cheese and liberal with the filling…

…which made it too watery and messy to eat politely.

Much tidier omelet-style.

Unfortunately, even with the conscious rationing of cheese, it (I suspect) still made me break out a day or two afterwards, so this won’t be done again for a while :'(

Relevant resources:
This is the recipe I started with, which is kinda messy
This is the method I switched to


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One response to “Weekend getaway II: Quesadillas

  1. Fiona

    This looks amazing! Shame about the breakout. Re: mozzarella being hard to slice, try peeling it next time. You don’t get the same consistent thickness but it’s kinda like cheesestring, which makes it way more fun to eat!

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