Soymilk in a bag

I’m not turning vegan, but lately have been minimizing dairy consumption in a last-ditch attempt to tame my skin. In my search for a substitute for milk, I’d been surprised and disappointed by the absence of the cartons of soymilk — both Chinese and western brands — that can be found in supermarkets all over North America, and feared for a while that I’d have to buy a machine to make it myself (like many Chinese do, apparently) if I wanted it regularly.

Luckily, a tip from the Shanghai Vegetarians Club website pointed me away from the dairy section to the tofu aisle (duh!)… where they sell Tramy brand soymilk by the bag!

At Trust-Mart, it’s a bargain at 2.7 RMB/three 395mL-bags. They also have slightly pricier black bean and sweetened varieties, but the latter contains 3-4 additional ingredients on top of the added sugar, which is never a good sign. Fortunately, the unsweetened version — made only from water and soybeans, if the label is to be trusted — is rich and delicious without any of that burnt bitter taste you get sometimes from the street-side stalls. Having been a devotee of sweetened soymilk all my life, I was surprised to find it palatable… and even pleasurable.

It’s very satisfying on its own, but also right at home in a frothy fruit smoothie.

…Honestly, I’d like to avoid advertising for Trust-Mart (which is owned by Walmart), so I’ll just suggest looking in and around the tofu section of your local supermarket. The bags will keep for five days in the fridge, which makes it more practical for home consumption than the kind packaged with a built-in straw.



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4 responses to “Soymilk in a bag

  1. Fiona

    Soy milk is delicious! Wish we had some for cheap here. Never thought of making a smoothie with it though. Is it helping the skin issue?

    • I think it’s been helping a bit, but it could also be a result of not eating PB or meat or reducing chocolate :\ is soymilk not v common over there?

  2. Florence

    What a coincidence! I just opened my carton of (sweetened) soy milk. Have you ever tried cooking bok choy in unsweetened soy milk? It’s fab.

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