Vegetarian Lifestyle set lunch

I’d been to Vegetarian Lifestyle once before about a month ago, but only discovered their set lunch last week.

At 22 RMB, the set lunch at this popular “modern” vegetarian (actually vegan I believe) restaurant is an amazing deal: a well-presented platter of soup, appetizers, (surprisingly flavourful) greens, a mock meat main dish, rice (mix of brown and white), and fruit, all served with some good tea in a clean, pleasant environment. Also, the food comes within 2 minutes or so — but looks and tastes far from cafeteria food — which is a huge plus if you’ve only got an hour for lunch and don’t work next door.

The sweet and sour vegetarian spareribs (lower right corner in photo) were incredibly good — the flavour and texture were on point and they did not feel greasy even though they were likely deep-fried. I could’ve had 10 more plates of the stuff.

The set lunch menu changes daily so there’s no choice — or time-consuming indecision — involved, though you could also order a la carte if you don’t like what’s on the menu, are willing to spend more, and have the luxury of time. For the price and environment and flavours, though, I’m willing to take whatever they give me :)

Vegetarian Lifestyle (a.k.a. Jujube Tree) 枣子树

  • Jingan branch
  • 258 Fengxian Rd. near Jiangning Rd. 静安区奉贤路258号近江宁路

  • Gubei branch
  • 848 Huangjincheng Rd. near Shuicheng South Rd. 长宁区黄金城道848号近水城南路

  • Luwan branch
  • 77 Songshan Rd. near Huaihai Rd. 卢湾区嵩山路77号近淮海路



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    2 responses to “Vegetarian Lifestyle set lunch

    1. This place is right by the store where you tried on that awesomely ridiculous dress! We’re coming here next time you visit :)

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