Food news round-up

A round-up of this past week’s food-related news.

  • Blue tap water is safe, say officials Officials try to assure us that the blue tap water recently coming from our faucets is actually “better quality”. Uh, right.
  • Cancer popcorn buckets seized While America fusses over the saturated fat in cinema popcorn, Shanghai’s moviegoers worry about larger problems.
  • Punishments follow steamed buns scandal Hualian/Lianhua supermarket steamed buns were found to be made from recycled expired buns and coloured with illegal dyes. Fining and firing officials are okay, but it might be more fulfilling for the public if the punishment involved some form of televised forced toxic-bun-eating.
  • Fat reward for deep throat in food industry Probably the best/worst headline ever.
  • Lastly, guess what’s front page news on the New York Times today? An article summarizing the above and more!

  • While having all this press (esp. in Chinese news sources) bringing food-safety issues to light is a good thing, it’s depressing to know that in spite of the publicity, in spite of the crackdowns and even executions, a lot of these “news” are actually not new: tainted milk and meat have been problems for years, and will probably remain so for a long while — especially if you have nearly half of surveyed food producers believing that ‘strengthening self-discipline’ is sufficient for increased food safety, and some dean of a food sciences college over here saying “It is not as bad as people think it is.”

    That being said, if eating in China doesn’t kill us, breathing apparently will… so eat on, I suppose!


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