Recipes on this blog in downloadable/printable pdf form, most of them adapted (often simplified) from existing recipes. I don’t believe there is only *one* formula for anything in the kitchen, so feel free to play around with the amounts and ingredients to suit your tastes, and do share your discoveries (and recipes, if you’ve got a better/simpler one!) to help me become a better cook :)

Black bean and vegetable chili
Chives and eggs
Choco-banana smoothie/Fruit smoothie
Better-than-Reeses chocolate peanut butter cups
Home fries
Lentil curry with chickpeas
Pan-fried falafel
Spaghetti with fried eggs
Tahini-less hummus
White bean dip
Veggie taco filling

One response to “recipes

  1. You know what you need? Your own logo. But I guess if you put a header (with the name of this blog, the subtitle and logo) on these PDFs you’d also need to cite the original source that inspired your recipe.

    Also, this is totally random but I discovered this at work and it’s really cool: It works like a blog but is heavy on the uploading and multimedia. It’s like a cross between dropbox and wordpress.

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